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To have Keith Kaminski on your project is to ensure dynamic, professional, high quality results.  Keith is one of the most talented designers I have ever had the supreme pleasure of working with.

Lisa Girolami
Director/Senior Producer
Walt Disney Imagineering

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Keith is one of the most talented and creative designers I've ever met.  But what really makes him unique is the fact that he is the rare creative genius who is also a down-to-earth, normal and nice guy.  He always comes back to us with more than we've asked for and will do anything to get the job done, especially on-site in less-than-stellar conditions.  We feel lucky to have had the chance to collaborate with Keith and hope to keep him busy for years to come.

Matt Glass


Eventage Event Production

I have known and worked with Keith Kaminski for over 16 years on a dizzying array of theme park projects, shows, trade shows, touring theatrical productions and exhibits.  Simply put...he is an AMAZING talent and one of the most consistently performing designers and illustrators I have worked next to or hired to be on a team. But what makes Keith so fantastic as a collaborator and creative consultant is way more than just great design and vision.  His embrace of a project scope, no matter how challenging, and his total commitment to seeing it through to a successful completion with the highest quality achievable is what sets him apart from so many other designers.  Keith is bulldogged in his efforts. He is detail oriented, proficient at his craft, extremely knowledgeable about his industry and just plain crafty and creative in ways that have amazed me repeatedly.  And he does it all with a professional demeanor and an infectious sense of humor!

Keith Kaminski is, without a doubt, at the top of my list of designers, art directors and creators that I recommend when people call me looking for resources. He is also my number one pick when I need the same kind of resources for projects at the Museum.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly if I can offer any additional information.

David Woody

Director of Design and Development

Chicago Museum of Science and Industry